mandag 23. juni 2008

Girls with amazing style - from music to clothes!

Here are some women with style both when it comes to music and to clothing. . . Jadda!

Roisin Murphy - Her music makes me wanna dance all night long and her style is inpecable. . . There's nothing - I tell you, nothing - that doesn't look good on this woman!

Uffie! Always cool - Always ready for whatever. . .

Beth Ditto! Gossip as much as you want! This girls got some crazy cool style, and you better love her for it. . . And she makes some good music as well ;)

Then we've got a legend, the always amazing Debbie Harry (Blondie). . . Always looking hot. . . Who needs any more blond bombshells when they've got this girl?

Rock and sex on a stick - PJ Harvey!