søndag 20. juli 2008


I'm trying my best to put together my portfolio this summer. . . Just so I've got something to show for if I'm gonna aply for work or school somewhere. . . Finding it really hard to look through my own work and pick out random images that can represent me, damn!

So here are ten images I think will make the cut. . . Probably gonna add more as time passes. . . Tomorrow I guess ;) Summer joy!

Finally had a weekend at work again - missed it big times! For you who don't know, I work at a institution in the child care services. . . Loving it, the best job I've had this far. . . Well working as a photographer at Woven Hand is close, but didn't get payed for that one, so I guess it doen't count ;)

*lady in the water*

*walk on the moon*

*lift me up*

*the world through the hood of a car*


*my kingdom of dreams*

*d i r t*

*stay/stay away*

*pieces of me*

*pieces of me*

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