søndag 17. august 2008

Finally - my new place!

Finally! I'm finished moving in to my new place in Bergen. . . This far, this good. . . So I've been working a lot lately, and spending my free time from work fixing the new place. . . So I haven't been up to anything exciting in here. . . Actually it's because I've had absolutely nothing to write about ;)
Well, here are some shots of the new place, enjoy!

This is the kitchen, the great thing about this one, it's big enough for more than one person!
This is my sheep Alfred. . . Nice, fluffy and comfy. . .
Hehe my pretty new lamp from Ikea!
This is parts of the livingroom. . . My room you see in the back there.
This is the living room. . . Cozy!
Our TV, watching the Olympic Games hehe. . .
My wardrobe, all messed up - gonna fix it when I've got the time!
In lack of pictures on the walls at this early stage of moving in, this is some of my handbags. . .
My lovely bed together with the three important things for a bed - my ipod, my cell and a good book, all that's missing is a man ;)
This is my workspace, when I need to do some fixing of some images and stuff like that :)

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Helene sa...

eg komme på besøk te Bergen 26 september:) då må eg få komma på besøk te den nye plassen din!
puff puff