mandag 1. desember 2008

. . . not over yet . . .

It's amazing how some songs just gives you a kick in the stomach. . . And the version of "it's not over yet" by Goldfrapp is one of those songs, well at least for me it is!

I've been dead busy with stuff lately, not much time to just sit down and write. . . Well, I've been working, doing my photography stuff (meaning I've been working on my portfolio), gonna try to get my portfolio sent around to different papers and agencies when it's up and running. . .

Ah my newest addiction is Shiseido! Amazing brad which makes my money run for cover. . . Well I always find the money, and guess what, I spend it!
So now my sweet little Shiseido collection is coming together quite well - and for a "not so into make-up and all that jazz" kinda girl - that's kinda big ;) Not only are the products fantastic, so is the design of the containers. . . Well this far these are my favorite items:

This is an eyeshadow that starts out as a fluid creme eyeshadow, but as you wear it, it turns into a long lasting powder eyeshadow, it's yummy!

I've got the most sensitive skin, so I can't use too many different types of cremes, but this gel-creme is perfect, it hydrates the skin without being "fatty" at all. . . I use it together with the cleansing duo in the same range, and my skin has never felt or looked better :)

This is a highlighter, I've got it in a different color, since my skin is to fair for "the brightest of pinks". . . It melts into your skin perfectly!

Hehe ok I guess that's enough praising of the brand, but I guess you catch my drift, it's lovable!

Oh and another lovable thing - Clean! Run and smell it! It's some woman who decided she wanted a perfume that simply smelled clean, and guess what, she made it all come alive. . . It's a whole series of these "clean smelling" perfumes. . .It's the best thing ever, you walk around and you smell fresh, just like you do when you get out of the shower. . .

I guess that's it for tonight :) Puff out!

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