fredag 27. juni 2008

Good bye old work!

So today I stopped by my "no longer" workplace in Bergen to give back my keys. . . Feels oh so good!

I actually think my former boss is happy I quit, we didn't really get along during my last week there. . . And guess what, he hasn't even said "thank you for working here a whole freaking crappy year". . . The least he could do, but don't think his social inteligence extends that far. . . Freak of nature!

I bought three new books today as well - happy times. . . Have decided to catch up on my reading this summer. . . The last year has been so stressfull that I haven't had time to read at all, kinda sad since I'm a big fan of books hehe. . . Always have been kind of a bookworm. . . So now I'm going back to my roots.

Now I'm just hanging around in my old office waiting for a friend to get off work so we can go lunchin', and I have two skirts I wanna go buy at H&M, sweet little summerskirts! Mjeees plurrrrs. . .


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