torsdag 26. juni 2008

Things I want. . . Pretty things!

So - I'm on the move. . . And here's some stuff I want to have in my new appartment! Can't wait to get a new place to live. . . Gonna be amazing - moving out is shit, but moving in to a new place is always brilliant! New walls to decorate ;)

I want a bathtub first of all! And then I want these showercurtains, so that you can personalize it. . . Fill it with postcards and pictures I've taken :) If I had those showering would be even more fun than it's now!

I want a phone! And this one is so cute. . . Love that it's light blue. . .

Some decorations for the toilet as well, decorations are never wrong ;)

I've got a lampshade like this, but it's all white. . . Really want one like this, cute colours and a nice pattern. . . Good stuff!

Jah Blondie! Want it! Gives!

This cute nailpolish dryer is high on my wishlist at the moment. . . Can't figure out why I didn't buy it when I was in London. . . Maybe it's a reason to go back! Jah!

A clock on the wall is needed - and this one is fun. . . Reminds me of TV in the good old days. . .

Some more wall decorations. . . Love these birds, and you can change them every day! Hm wish Urban Outfitters would open up in Bergen hehe. . .

So all this stuff is from and, go check it out!

Ps. I miss Julia!

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