torsdag 10. juli 2008

"window shoppin'"

Ok, todays window shopping, or internet window shopping if you like, was at American Apparel... I'm on my way to London in not to long, and well this is some of the stuff I want to have in my bag as I return! Can't wait to roam around in AP again!

Simply love this shiny high wasted skirt that you can wear as a dress as well. Looks fabulous. Great for a night out dancing!

Then it's the tights, want the shiny nylons in charcoal and the crazy bronze tights. . . I am a big fan of the shiny stuff, shiny stuff is good for your soul!

The unisex over sized t-shirt is gorgeous, looks really good when you throw some belts on it. . . Looks really comfy as well, so can't see anything wrong about it.

This is almost the same as the above, only this is the over sized unisex tank! Also looks good with a belt, but i really like it just paired with some shiny tights as well (1 pic). This tank and the t-shirt above is the kind of items you never got the heart to part with hehe. . . It just tags along forever! So I need to get myself some of those ;)

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