torsdag 16. oktober 2008

Oslo - I love you

So I spent a weekend in Oslo again, my soon to be new hometown. . . Moving there next year. . .

The weekend was brilliant! Especially Saturday, when me and Kristin first went out for dinner, then home for a couple bottles of wine, then a Håkan Hellström concert, then Aku Aku (a really cool bar) followed by an after party. . . The perfect Saturday, which led to a Sunday in bed! Fetus position all the way baby!

Now I'm back in Bergen, been here for a couple of days, then tomorrow I'm off to Stord again. . .

Watched the presidential debate last night, since here in Norway it airs in the middle of the night. . . It was funny watching McCain shooting himself in the leg over and over again - go Obama!

I've had a couple of busy days now, just being social really, not doing to much constructive stuff. . . Which kinda bothers me, I should be up to more good.

Here are some pictures from my weekend in Oslo and a good song to bring back the concert memories:

I-D for the train! Yey

Afterparty in Kristins tiny apartment, amazing it could fit 4 people ;)

Håkan Hellström - För en lång lång tid!

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