mandag 3. november 2008

What's new? Oh - Nothing really. . .

I feel like it takes ages between each of my posts in here, so I'm gonna kick up the pace a little. . .
First of all a quick update on what I've been up to lately:
1. Looking for the perfect little French Bulldog puppy.
2. Working on my sketches (starting to get it together now, sticking to a red line and all)
3. Working - job thingy
4. Getting the freaking flu
5. Entering the local photo club, so I guess my first official meeting with the people who go there is on this Thursday. . . Got a friend to join as well, so I'm not all alone ;)
6. Catching up on my music, new music! I'm actually impressed by the new Ray Lamontage album (Gossip In The Rain) - So give it a listen!

I'll post some of my sketches later on, maybe I'll get some kind of feed back. . . Now I just need to find someone to help me with the sewing part of this "making clothes" thing. . . I'm not that brilliant when it comes to the sewing my self. . . Not really capable to make the patterns and all that stuff, but hey - I can learn I guess. . . Got a whole lot of spare time between my shifts :)

And here's my I want this list ("window-shopping-on-the-internet-again"):

Cute little top for me! (UrbanOutfitters)

This dress is both suitable for day and night, I'm a big fan of clothes you can wear (almost) whenever - wherever. . . (UrbanOutfitters)

I simply love this hat! Might be because I'm a sucker for the sequins. . . But hey, who cares! (asos)

Loving the color. . . (asos)

I'm in love with this Chanel bag. . . It's a bit too expensive for me right now - a bit poor - too bad! (net-a-porter)

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Helene sa...

Du e meg ein sequense du MArte;)
Love you!