mandag 1. juni 2009

The magic of being up and running again. . .

It's been about 2-3 months since I last posted anything in here. . . It's like I've been living in this little bubble, first feeling like a disabled person trying to recover from surgery and then feeling like the worlds most busy bee as soon as my sick leave ended. . . Suddenly everything went from slow motion to fast forward, to quick a change of mode for me.

I've been spending most my time at work or playing with my puppy. In between I've been working on my getty images stuff and sketching. . . Trying to work with watercolor, showing a slight progress there, luckily!

Tomorrow I'm going to back to work, after 20 hours off, and I'm going to Londonium! Gonna be the best shift ever. . .
Shopping and concerting it is baby.

Right now I'm craving some vintage Christian Dior sunglasses, so pretty plurrrs give me some!


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