søndag 7. juni 2009

liar - liar - pants on fire!

so, I thought I was up and running again. . . I guess that was a lie. . .
Or in other words, I was proven wrong.

The other day I went for my 2-3 month check up after the surgery, to see if everything is mending as it should down there.
The scar looks brilliant, according to my doctor, and I'll still have swelling and loss of feeling around the scar for about another year. That's all the good shit.
The funny thing was, there was a new doctor there as well, wanting to see how it was all mending. He had been fascinated by my cyst (the big one) since I was admitted a couple of months ago. He'd never seen one as big as mine. . . Maybe this indicates that I should be somewhat proud of the size of Bojo (the proud name of the bundle of cysts).

Well, they kept on looking around, and guess what! In the two months of recovering there has emerged a new freaking cyst! Which means, I have to go through another darn operation. . .
So my 15 min check up ended up in new blood work and new "plans" for the next couple of months. . . Thank you reproductive system! Give me a fucking second to relax.
Now, all I can do is wait for the cancer test results, prob. not gonna be cancer this time either, since the two cysts I removed last time was all happy and healthy.
Then I have to walk around for about 4 months letting this new found joy in my tummy grow, so that we can monitor the growing speed and size of it. . . Why not just get rid of it straight away?
The answer to that was as easy as "it's too soon for your body to go through a procedure as that again". . .

The joy of being up and running has been slightly diminished by that last visit to the hospital. But at least I had a great party that night, getting silly drunk and waking up on a friends sofa the next day. . . That's how you cope with tumors popping up in your abdomen I tell you!
Now I have to come up with a good name for this new one, the best option so far is "Ernst Horst", would make for a good friend to join Bojo and Bolla. . . Need to start making a childrens book for adults about these guys. . .

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