onsdag 22. juli 2009

I'm back, for real this time

It's been a couple of weeks since I last posted something in here.
I've been a busy bee to be honest.
I had to see a specialist about the new found cyst, found out that it was not cancerous and that I had already killed it after a mishap when I was out riding. Long story short - I killed Ernst Horst! Good job, no surgery for me!
I've moved out from my apartment, and I'm ready for my big move to Oslo, jess baby!

I spent a weekend in my new apartment, amazing! Gonna live with some cool people, gonna lead to a lot of good stories. The weekend was basically spent partying and shopping. That's what happens when you live 2 min from the big shopping street and Zara is the first shop you meet. . . Goodie Gumdrops!

Here's my play list for July:
A R Rahman & M.I.A - Oh. . . Saya (After watching Slumdog Millionaire I can't stop listening to this tune, and that's not a bad thing!)

Florence & The Machine - Dog Days Are Over (Kick ass debut album from F&TM, check it out. . . This song makes me want to dance.)

Gossip - Four Letter Word ( I'm head over heels for Gossips new album)

La Roux - Quicksand (Gotta dance!)

Kings of Leon - Closer (Just had a bit of a KofL fallback when I was in Oslo and Sex on Fire ended up being the nmr1 party hit.)

YYY's - Heads Will Roll (It's the YYY's, got nothing more to say. . .)

I guess that's it for now!

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