tirsdag 24. november 2009

DIY MiuMiu Socks

Aw. . . Today I came across this amazing DIY tip at Nylon Mag. . . Make your own MiuMiu lookalike socks, and guess what, I'm gonna do it!

I've been craving these socks since I saw the models strut them down the runway. . . But 400 £ for a pair of socks are simply unjustifiable for a student like myself. . .

Just buy a whole bunch of sequins and jewels and sow them onto some socks that reach to your knees. . . and voila:

So that's how I'm gonna spend my afternoons this week. . . I guess I'm gonna start bejeweling my vintage SaksFifthAv. silk blazer as well - I need to give it a facelift! I'll post the results as I get it done ;)


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Crystal Ball sa...

What a great tutorial. They turned out so lovely. I'm sure they will accessorize plenty of outfits beautifully.