tirsdag 23. mars 2010

10 things I love. . . The March Issue

Yes, I haven't been posting stuff in here since forever ago. . . It's been hell around here, I've had way too much to do! The good news is that in August I'm moving to London! Can't wait! I'm going to live there for three months whilst writing an exam, easy peasy, good thing I can work during the summer to prepare my wallet for the shopping madness that's gonna go down.

To get some sort of soft "start" at this blogging stuff again I've decided to put together a "top 10 list" of things I'm in love with at the moment. It's in a mixed order, so no "winners or losers" here ;)

1. Rankin
Yes I admit, I am a Rankin girl. . . He fascinates me, and I love his raw take on nudity.

"I do think there are a lot of crap nude images out there that are not particularly erotic, evocative or attractive, so maybe that's why people find them boring or distasteful. I think that nudes have the power to be really emotive, and perhaps our ambivalence towards nudity is more of a question of the quality of the nude imagery that pervades." - Rankin

2. Camilla Grey
Ok, there's a lot of people out there doing fashion illustrations at the moment, but I do have to admit - I've got my eye on Camilla Grey at the moment. I have especially fallen in love with her God Save Alexander McQueen picture, check it out!

3. Bonobo
Not much more to say than - down-tempo-trip-hop-my-heart-out!

4. Theo Jansen
To me Theo Jansen is an artist who really knows how to bring magic to his work. He makes what he calls "Kinetic Sculptures" - just watch the video, explains it perfectly.

5. Alice in Wonderla
There has been mixed opinions about Tim Burtons Alice in Wonderland - but I simply adore it! The brilliant use of colors, the amazing costumes (this is what would have become if Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen made a fashion baby), and the dream of a gorgeous place, Wonderland. "A ticket to Wonderland, pretty please!"

6. Alexander McQueen - RTW Fall 2010
Here it goes again - my undying love for McQueens design is still alive and breathing. This collection only contain 16 pieces which where aprox 80% finished when he died.

"What McQueen was preparing had a poetic, medieval beauty that dealt with religious iconography while recapturing memories of his own past collections." -Style.com

6. M-A-C Nailpolish Spring Forecast
Spring is right around the corner. . . And M-A-C has released its spring forecast, so this spring we should be mixing it up with nude, purple, pink, coral and peach nails. I'm simply loving the campaign pictures as well!

7. The Book thief
One of my new favorite books is The Book thief by Markus Suzak. This is a direct translation from the Norwegian title, so I hope it's correct. This is a book I strongly recommend to everybody! It's a marvelous tale told by death or an death angle, who knows? Any who - READ IT!

8. Tipi
Yes, my gorgeous little puddle of puppy! She has to be mentioned, since such a large majority of my life is made better by her. . . She is still the sleepy, psychotic, munching, gorgeous, fussy little hairball she's always been.

9. Urban Outfitters - plates and bowls
If we had UO in Oslo I would be a lot poorer than I am today! But damn, my apartment would look oh so much fresher. . .

10. Tonica Vintage
Suddenly I realized that I hadn't been to Tonica for ages, so I went with my sister - and god am I happy! Tonica is still one of my all time favorite shops, this is where I've done some of my best designer finds - YSL, Escada, Renato Nucci, Valentino. And the latest addition to the family is a gorgeous leather skirt from Day Birger et Mikkelsen (for nothing more than approx. 40$)


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Leigh sa...

great post! that thrift store sounds amazing, and your puppy is so so so cute!
also....have fun in london!!!! that is so cool :)