onsdag 10. desember 2008

pre-fall 09

It seems like it's not long since the Spring and Resort collections were rolling in, but now there's a new season in town "Pre-Fall 09"! Happy times, makes for one happy baby!
I've always been more off a fall/winter kind of person, so this suits me just perfect!

There's not much out yet, but some of my favorites has arrived with a little bit of juice.


Zac Posen is one of my definite favorites so far. It seems "old glamor" is a big thing in fall 09, as you see in both Posen and Chanel. Posen puts his focus on a more "western European" old glamor. You could imagine the "zac posen woman" strutting her stuff in Paris. The collection is flirty, feminine and sexy. His collection was filled with little dresses, exuberant strong colors, it's simply fun. . .


I love this coat! And the boots!

Chanel really fascinated me this time. . . It's got this strong eastern European empire feel to it, all the way from the head pieces worn by the women to the soviet inspired uniforms worn by the men. It's a brilliant collection, full of amazing pieces. My favorite must be the military jackets, coats and boots worn by the men.


Christopher Bailey - I love you! I'm not a big fan of the flares though (but they make for a cool effect in the pictures), well I'm not big on pants really. . . Only if they're straight or skinny as hell. But the jackets and trenches in the most amazing deep colors and luxurious fabrics. The jewelry and the shoes are as candy for the eye as well. So start saving up money, and get a fabulous dark look for next fall.

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