tirsdag 16. desember 2008

new doggy and some more pre-fall 09

Let's start with the little taste of fall 09, Alexander Wang this time. . . He went for sexy, and that's what he gave us. . . Piff, I love this collection.

This outfit is just a whole lot of fun. I love the leather vest. . .

The perfect "little black dress"

This is my favorite dress in the collection, love the big black bow in contrast to the pretty little white dress. Me wants it!

Jey, color is always good for my mood ;)

Ok, so on the 4th of January I'm getting my puppy!
She is the cutest thing ever. Her name (on paper) is Faks Always a Golden Heart, but I need to come up with something easier ;)
She's a Silky Terrier, and tiny, but there's a whole lot of dog in that tiny little body of hers.
Can't wait to get her. My sister is getting one as well, so for 6 months they are going to be living together. So tomorrow we're going out shopping for a big bed they can share. This far the only things I've bought for her is a bowl she can eat from and a leash so I can take her to the park when she needs some fresh air :)

Found this picture on www.puppy.com, forgot to bring my camera when we went to meet the pups, but this is what she looks like! Adorable!

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