onsdag 4. februar 2009

what to do. . . I guess that's the question. . .


I feel ages pass between my posts. . . My life is one big bundle of chaos I guess. . .
My mind is chaotic, trying to find some sense of creativity, and the more I crave new input the harder it is. . .
I'm trying to work my ass of so that I'll be having a descent living next month. . . Which leaves no real time to do fun stuff, or socialize (with other creatures than my dog).
And in between all this chaos I'm trying to figure out what I'm gonna do when August comes sneaking up on me!

The thing is:
I really had it all figured out. I have a spot at a school in Oslo, which will give me a safe education that will keep me with work until the day I die. So my plan was to go to Oslo, do the three years of school, whilst in between job and school I would try to get some freelancing done. Building a stronger folio.
But, then it all changed, about two weeks ago.
It all started with me getting a mail from some people I talked to ages ago about studying photography outside of Norway. Well, the mail said that there would be this guy from one of the schools they represented, and I could meet him and get some feedback about my folio, sounded ok by me. So I chucked together a descent lookign folio and went to meet this man. To cut the story short, the whole thing ended up with me being offered a place at the school he worked for.
Well, all I said was "Oh, thanks. I'll have to think about it". . .

So that's my dilemma for the next months. WHAT TO DO!

I've got my tune of the day!
The Postal Service - Such Great Heights (This song makes me one happy baby! Makes me want to fall in love dancing in a sunset mid summer )

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